POOBAR conditioning shampoo

POOBAR conditioning shampoo

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Ditching plastic is the new norm.

Chemical-free is now expected.


Slowly ... we are reverting to simplicity.


Our shampoo & body bars are made with the best of the best. 

Yet ... they cost the same as the bars online made with lower quality oils and crappy fragrances.


What you'll find in the tin:

~ blend of olive, coconut, castor & almond oil (for lather)

~ Honduran cacao & shea butter (for moisture)

~ Island beeswax & coconut milk (for sheen)

~ moringa powder (for antioxidants & color)

~ peppermint & basil essential oils


What you will notice:

~ Because shampoo bars are so moisturizing, you will begin to realize that there will be no need for a traditional conditioner. 

~ Keep your shampoo bar dry when not using. It will last longer.


    made only of vegetable + essential oils

    Rub bar directly onto scalp + hair, then lather up

    Follow with Lighten Up for properly balanced hair care.

    2oz or 4oz


Vicky Snyder, Owner & creator

Located in Sandy Bay, Roatan, Honduras


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