CLOVE 4 COVER Bug Repellent

CLOVE 4 COVER Bug Repellent

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Are you a victim of that which is almost invisible, but that leaves behind a terribly noticeable track of its existence? Sand fly bites have got to be the most tortuous welcome to the Bay Islands. Clove 4 Cover is literally that – using clove extract and nourishing oils as a cover for your skin against both sand fly and mosquito attacks. Any type of oil can protect you against sand flies, as they stick to the oil and die before getting the chance to bite you, but we mix our clove extract with coconut and neem oil, because they are also soothing to the skin, and neem is popularly used as an effective insecticide. Citronella, tea tree, and eucaplyptus essential oils are added as additional powerful mosquito repellent trio.


    bug repellent

    safe + nourishing on skin

    Apply before entering a sand fly or mosquito zone. Make sure to cover all areas exposed.