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Do you feel uncomfortable brushing your teeth with something that is classified by the FDA as “harmful if swallowed”?


How about the fact that fluoride calcifies (aka deteriorates) your penial gland - an essential body part to remaining a sane and happy human.


Black Attack is a safe & effective way to clean your whole mouth and naturally whiten your teeth.


Activated charcoal has become all the rage in natural toothpaste due to its “whitening abilities”.


Although you may not see a noticeable difference in whiteness, do expect a surprisingly clean-feeling mouth and visibly healthier-looking gums.


Most importanlty, no more morning breath (Halle-effin-lujah)


Bentonite clay draws out the bacteria in your mouth. Cinnamon, fennel, and peppermint essentials oils provide the fresh feeling associated with a clean mouth, while killing the bad, odour-causing bacteria.


For an extra cleansing experience, dip your toothbrush in a bit of baking soda before brushing.


    cleans + whitens

    safe to spit down the sink

    effectively kills bad bacteria

    50g glass container