BEES KNEES beeswax wraps

BEES KNEES beeswax wraps

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Beeswax wraps are - quite rapidly - replacing traditional single use plastic (Saran) wrap, plastic containers & plastic bags as a means to preserve, wrap & transport food. They are growing in popularity because they keep food fresher for longer, are sticky enough to provide a proper seal to containers and also as a means to wrap up food, are naturally anti-bacterial (due to the beeswax), are super easy to clean, are reusable, are easily transportable making them great for traveling.

Bees Knees come in a pack with 4 different sizes making their any number of uses only limited by your imagination. After watching a few youtube videos, you will become an origami expert with these wraps.


    alternative to plastic wrap, palstic bags + containers

    reusable, anti-bacterial, versatile

    pack of 4


Vicky Snyder, Owner & creator

Located in Sandy Bay, Roatan, Honduras


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