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Why Everyone Can & Should DIY

I’m not talking about turning your spare room into a lab.

Or becoming the next Wellness Mama (check her blog though if you’ve never heard of her – she’s incredible).

I just mean…

Farting around with some base ingredients in your spare time, and trying your hand at making your own version of products you already use everyday.

Even something as simple and mixing bentonite clay with some charcoal for a face mask.

And then add a little peppermint essential oil to that mix, and now you have toothpaste!

You don’t have to overcomplicate it.

It really can be THAT simple.

And I promise you…

Once you make one thing, you’ll get a rush of excitement at how easy and fun it was, and you’ll want to try your hand at making something else.

I suggest learning how to make coconut oil dish soap in a crock pot.

It’s 3 ingredients.

And it’s very hard to mess up.

Even if you don’t do it perfectly… soap is soap and you’ll still be able to use it.

BONUS: It's better than any store bought dish soap at cutting grease.

Yes, I can wash off coconut oil from my pans using a bar of soap made strictly from coconut oil.

Are you impressed? I certainly was.

And for next Halloween, try making your own face paint.

I just made 3 little pots for tomorrow’s Artisan market.

I used charcoal for black, turmeric for orange, and zinc for white.

It may not work as well as the store bought stuff.

But that "stuff" is loaded with lead and other toxic heavy metals that absorb into your skin…

Another easy product you can make is magnesium oil.

This stuff is selling HOT right now on Amazon and at your local health-food store.

I have it for sale in my shop as well.

Because it’s magical at reducing muscle cramping, anxiety, and B.O.

And it’s just magnesium flakes mixed with water in a spray bottle.

All of these basic ingredients: charcoal powder, bentonite clay, magnesium crystals, etc. can be found at your local natural grocery store.

And the best part about having a little stash of these raw ingredients is that you can use them in hundreds of different DIY projects.

And they’re cheap.

Every once in a while I get an unexpected message from someone who bought one of my products sometime over the last 5 years, and they are elated to share with me that they have started making their own version.

Something happens to your confidence when you discover that you’re no longer a slave to consumerism and big pharma, nor do you have to pay a hefty price for going “all-natural”.

It can be kept simple. It can be kept cheap. It's incredibly satisfying.

And it can be a hell-of-a-lot-of FUN.

So, what DIY project in your YOUR to-do list?

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