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If You Don't Make the Switch to Earth-based Products NOW, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Updated: Mar 27

I just washed my face and put on some cacao/almond whipped body butter as a moisturizer.

It occurred to me that I actually have no clue WHY these two fats are good for my skin.

But I’ve been using them both as a skin moisturizer for over a year.

And I just love the way they leave my skin feeling.

In fact, I don’t know why half of the ingredients I use to make the products that I do are good for me.

I just know that they are.

I know generally which products are good for me and which aren’t.

I use clays to detox and butters to moisturize.

I use clay toothpaste and magnesium deodorant.

I take a few plant supplements (mostly to calm my stressy hormones)

But overall, I have no clue about the nitty or gritty on WHY these different plant ingredients are good for me.

I just know how they make me feel.

Have you ever put on a conventional moisturizer, and within an hour, your skin felt drier than before?

Have you ever put on generic chapstick, and an hour later, your lips were more chapped than before?

Have you ever put on anti-perspirant deodorant, and you find that if you go ONE day without it, you absolutely STINK? Do you actually think smelling like that is normal?

Before bed, do you brush your teeth with Crest, and then wake up with a disgusting taste in your mouth, practically rushing to the bathroom with a hand over your mouth, fearing that someone may get a whiff of your "morning breath"?

Now, I know what the leading ingredient is in each of these 4 products that is the most damaging.

But what I don’t know is how they’ve managed to hook people on them so dependently.

Men in lab coats have managed to create - and genius marketers have managed to sell - products that actually worsen the problems they are supposed to solve.

Surprise: They have been designed to do this.

When you use products from the earth, they just solve the problems they’re meant to solve.

They have no ulterior motive.

They just moisturize, protect, detox, and clean.

And you don’t even need to know why they’re good for you.

You just need to know how they make you feel.

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