• Victoria Snyder

"I've heard of milk kefir, but not water kefir. What's the difference?"

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

One is made with dairy or coconut milk.

And the other is made with sugar water.

In both cases, the kefir grains eat the sugar and produce probiotics in return.

One smells and tastes a little like sour milk.

Believe it or not, this means that it's perfectly ready to be consumed.

It's basically a sugar-free milk drink that is bubbling with healthy gut bacteria.

The other is kind of like kombucha.

It has similar health properties to kombucha.

As they both contain a variety of good bacteria and yeast.

Water kefir is an incredible probiotic beverage that contains several hundred strains of bacteria.

And like apple cider vinegar, it's very alkaline to your system.

And since most of us are too acidic in our stomachs...

Water kefir helps level the playing field, giving our gut flora a fighting chance.

I use water kefir in everything.

Not just because it's healthy.

But because it's an incredible addition to almost anything.

It's versatility is endless.

It's a little tangy and a little sweet.

So it can replace vinegar, apple sauce, and sugar in almost any recipe.

I use it in salad dressings, banana bread, desserts, and for certain fermentations.

Almost everyday, I pour myself a glass and add an ice cube of ginger and turmeric.

This is my miracle drink.

It gives me incredible focus and clarity when I need to sit at my computer and concentrate.

Would you like to try it?

Just let me know!

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