• Victoria Snyder

Our single biggest achievement has also been our biggest challenge

Updated: Mar 26

Friend turned customer, or customer turned friend. Whichever way you look at it, being surrounded by people that are both customers and friends has been the most rewarding outcome of running Pucker Up.

It has also be our single biggest personal struggle to be able to separate customer from friend, while also celebrating the amazing 2 in 1 combo. By this, I am referring specifically to $$. Yes, the uncomfortable, yet unavoidable, topic of money. We do what we do, because we love it. Sharing health, creating healthy lifestyles, and supporting + celebrating our friends on their own journeys to health is what we love the most. It just gets a bit messy when we start to feel "bad" putting a price tag on it.

Yes, this is our job. And yes, health, just like any thing else in this world, costs money. 99% of the time, our friends have bullied us into charging them fairly, arguing that if we constantly felt obligated to give them better prices, discounts, free stuff, etc. we would soon go out of business, have to pick up and move, and they would be out of a friend as well as whatever healthy things they enjoyed purchasing from us. These reminders would always make us feel better, but it is still something we still struggle with, nonetheless.

Friends, thank you for being our loyal customers. Customers, thank you for becoming our like-minded friends. We have tried hard to create prices that are fair to you, as someone who values health but also has many other financial priorities, and to us, as young women trying to make a humble living doing something that we love.

photo: LEFT Vicky Snyder, PUPU owner RIGHT Pascale, friend + customer

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