• Victoria Snyder

My healthy eating habits fueled my co-dependency

When I began eating a clean diet where I made most of my meals from scratch with fresh produce, a variety of spices, and good quality ingredients, I noticed a difference in how I felt.

This is probably no surprise to you.

What was a surprise to me though, was how freakin hard it was to convey this transition with my partner.

The more he refused to participate in this healthy lifestyle with me—

The more I made it my mission to convince him of why it was awesome.

And so, the more I pushed it on him.

If you think this sounds like it doesn’t end well…

You’re right.

After we broke up…

He started eating healthier!

He also started doing a lot of other proactive habits that didn’t exist while we were together.

And guess what?

So did I.

When I stopped focusing a portion of my energy on what HE was or wasn’t doing well—

I got to focus that portion back on myself.

And when he got to stop focusing his energy on defending his eating habits to me—

He also got to focus that energy back on himself.

And now, we actually live a lot more similarly than when we were together.

We even laugh at the situation now.

And we’ve been able to remain incredible friends.

We’re genuinely proud of each other for the changes we’ve made in our lives.

For breaking out of those roles we had trapped ourselves in.

What I learned from this whole “wanting to push my healthy lifestyle on someone else” debacle is that…


You can share it with them only to a certain extent.

You can’t pull them along using the “carrot and stick” method.

And if you try, that “healthy lifestyle” you were living in the first place loses some of it value.

Do you agree?

Has something like this ever happened to you?

I know I’m not alone!

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