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What Everybody Ought to Know About Fermenting

Updated: Mar 27

"Doesn't fermented mean it's gone bad?"

NO! Listen...

When a food is fermented, it means it has been left to steep until the sugars naturally contained in the food interact with yeast and other microbes to change the chemical structure of the food.

So, fermentation creates bacteria.

But it creates good bacteria.

This is the kind of bacteria that:

• Creates a protective lining in the intestines against harmful bacteria

• Creates a stronger immune system

• Regulates appetite and reduces sugar cravings

• Helps your body to digest nutrients found in your food, especially important minerals

• Helps to treat candida

• Produces enzymes that improve digestion and gut health

• Helps to reduce anxiety (say what??)

What's the Difference Between Pickled and Fermented Foods?

Fermented vegetables are preserved using a Himalayan saltwater brine.

Each jar requires 10 days of daily "burping" to release the build up of naturally occurring gases. Over these 10 days, millions of good bacteria are born.

These bacteria dominate in a healthy digestive tract.

Fermented vegetables taste slightly salty & crunchy.

Pickled vegetables are preserved using an acid, usually white vinegar.

White vinegar is the most acidic of the vinegars (apple cider vinegar is the most alkaline).

It is disruptive to your digestive system, making it hard to properly break down your food.

You will likely be left with a bad case of the burps, or worse, heart burn.

Pickled vegetables normally taste sweet & sour.

What Are the Benefits of Fermented Foods?

The process of fermentation magically creates vitamins that were not there before (like B12).

Millions of good bacteria are also created. These good bacteria are known as probiotics, and are essential to a healthy gut -> HEALTHY GUT = HEALTHY MIND

Probiotics help to:

1) Reduce internal inflammation

2) Give you energy and prevent sickness/allergies

3) Break down and absorb the nutrients found in other food

4) Treat diarrhea and IBS

5) Offset health problems associated with high levels of bad bacteria (ie: UTIs)

6) Reduce stress and anxiety


The juice in the jar tastes amazing and will give you a concentrated dose of probiotics. Drinking it will make you feel immediately amazing.

It tastes like a vegetable soda ... ! :/

Here are the fermented foods I make that you can order :

1- Traditional sauerkraut with carrot and caraway

2- Shredded beets

3- Salsa

4- Dijon mustard

5- Eggplant spread

6- Water kefir fizzy drink

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