shop smart

Because I live on a remote island where I can't just pop over to a store and buy the appliances and ingredients that I need, I must plan ahead and buy quality products online instead (no such thing as refunds here).

I buy 85% of everything I need on Amazon because of its convenience. I've spent hours researching the best products and brands, so I figured why not share them with you?


This way, you can also build up that epic kitchen you know you deserve.

And I get a tiny commission if you purchase from these links ... BONUS!

Kitchen Essentials

A food processor with an electric blade makes sauerkaut a breeze. The wide base makes it much more a suitable than a blender for making patty mix and dips.

And way easier to clean.

I cook all my legumes in a slow cooker. It uses much less energy, and you can cook them overnight. I also make all my soapbars in a slow cooker so I can use them immediately and don't have to wait a month for them to set.

At a price more expensive than your first car, you may be skeptical. But this appliance will change the way to do everything in the kitchen. It's worth each penny, but only if you're committed to redesigning how you do everything in your kitchen.

A good quality juicer will save you money in the long run for two reasons: drier pulp means more juice & less heat means more vitamins.

A stainless steel pot set is a must if you want to prepare high-quality food. Teflon is garbage and you'd do yourself and your family a favour to swap it out immediately.

If you don't want to invest in the whole pot set, get a pan. You can do a lot in just one pan.

For those one off dishes where you just NEED a non-stick pan, choose something higher quality than teflon. Ceramic or granite are my preferences.

Glass bakeware is best for roasting veggies, toasting nuts, and warming up leftovers (exnay on the microwave). Cheap and versatile, you can't go wrong with having a few different sizes of Pyrex on-hand.

Nothing makes your kitchen more sophisticated than a solid wood cutting board. It'll make you actually enjoy chopping veggies. Make sure you oil it occasionally to prolong its life.

A little more work, but mashing up fresh herbs and spices right before you need them will add so much more flavour to your dishes. And having one makes your kitchen look rustic-chic.

You don't think you need a scale... until you get yourself a scale and start using it for everything. It's incredibly handy. Trust me.

Having a hand blender may seem redundant if you have a regular blender, but this mighty machine gives you way more flexibility while cooking. I use mine mostly  for soups and soap-making.

If you're tight on drawer space (or don't have any at all like was my case in my first kitchen) housing all your knives on the counter in this versatile knife holder is organization at its finest. I could easily fit 10 large knives.

I own 3 stainless steel containers of different sizes, but this one is a 3-in-1. I love them for toasting nuts, storing crackers (and other food that goes stale fast) and for bringing my lunch somewhere. They don't leak, won't break, and will last forever.

You may already own a set of these because they're the iconic tupperware knock-off, but just great for storing leftovers, spices, and bits and bobs.

You need a set of sturdy kitchen bowls that make mixing ingredients easy and are a breeze to clean. I really like these ones.

These silicone mats are best for cookies, but they serve so many purposes I couldn't begin to name them all. I have used my set hundreds of times, saved a ton of parchment paper and hours that would have been spent scrubbing off those annoying caked-on burnt bits.

You still need parchment paper though, and these pre-cut unbleached sheets make it a cinch to use. I'm also able to reuse each piece dozens of times before I have to throw it away.

*Note: avoid all things bleached

Silicone oven mitts mean you'll never burn holes in that pair you got at the dollar store all those years ago. And these little matts come in handy when you need to put a hot dish down fast, and don't want to ruin your counter.

Having varying sizes of strainers that are not metal or plastic are versatile in ways you do not yet know about. I use mine to strain my water kefir, kombucha tea, whole grains, legumes, etc. And you can fold them up and stick them in your drawer when you don't need them.

A set of wooden spoons is just great, especially if you live somewhere non-humid where you don't have to constantly worry about mold.

If you want to make your own bite-sized chocolates (recipe found in this book), invest in these fun molds so that you can make different flavours match to the different shapes.

I love this set of colour-coded knives, because you'll start to associate the color with its ideal function. And I like my kitchen to be colourful in everyway.

Silicone molds just make baking everything easier, and if you want to make breads, cakes, veggie loafs, or anything else that you would have traditionally made in a non-stick teflon pan, make it in here instead.

Same as the color-coded knife set, each of these spatulas has a slightly different texture, and so will serve different purposes.

Use this mold for veggie burgers & individual desserts. Tip: Buy 4 of these molds and double or quadruple every recipe so that you can freeze batches in true meal preparation style.

Although I prefer my plastic colour-coded set, some of the handles have broken off the cups. So my next purchase will be this much more sturdy but equally as colourful set.

I use these ones for mini muffins, corn bread, burger sliders, and soap.