"who creates the ideas, makes the food,
and does the deliveries?"

Hi, I'm Vicky

My sister and I began Pucker Up in March 2016 on Utila.

We rented a tiny kitchen where we started by offering just vegetable juice and smoothies.

We kept getting bombarded with requests from divers to offer a quick & healthy lunch they could scarf down in between dives.

So a short 5 months after opening, we began serving vegan snacks, salads, and desserts.

During this time, we realized that there were no eco-friendly/sustainable products available on the island.

So we began making our own.

And this small-scale "in the back of our kitchen, if we had time at the end of the day" project turned into a full line of wellness products we've called I'm With Earth.

Two years ago, I moved to Roatan.

And my sister moved to Australia.

We gave up our shop. It was an incredibly hard break-up.

Now I operate Pucker Up on my own as a delivery service.

I still grieve the loss of my teammate, but I dream about the day we're reunited.


Kait, Scuba Instructor

"I cannot say enough good things about Pucker Up. My absolute favorite choice for healthy vegetarian eating, and food-based medicine. Vicky has so much experience dishing up healthy and exciting foods that literally anything she makes turns out delicious. I LOVE how she is able to incorporate healthy ingredients in a way that is fun and easy. She is hands down one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to anything health-related."


joanie, roatan brewing co.

Pucker up offers a great array of delicious items that are healthy but still super tasty. I love the salads, dressings, lentil burgers, protein balls, and pretty much everything they make. I am not vegan and I find they are just what I need to fill me up but make me feel good. Highly recommend.


steve, Alton's Dive Centre

I was one of those kids/adults who ate everything except vegetables. I'd even pick the lettuce and tomatoes off my burger. I started hanging around the juice bar and getting smoothies. Then the girls convinced me to try one of their salads. I'd never had had so much taste from a salad. It's now almost a year later. I had one of their salads for lunch 5 days a week. I've had more salads in the last year, than in the 30 years before that. I've dropped 30lbs.