Vegan meal deliveries on Roatan

Spend more time in the sun and less in the kitchen. 

Stock your fridge with prepared vegan meals.

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Would you like to
eat meals that...

are vegan & healthy

leave you feeling energized 

have a variety of colors

are already prepared

are bursting with flavors

are made from scratch

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Just because you want to eat vegan on your vacation doesn't mean you have to split your time between the grocery store and the kitchen.

You can have your fridge stocked with a selection of vegan meals before you even land on Roatan.


And you can use all these goodies to create your own gourmet meals, without doing much more than assembling everything.


Stock your fridge with antioxidant-rich drinks, protein-packed meals, and homeamade sustainable body products made only with nature's ingredients.

All high in vitamins & minerals (even the body products) to keep your energy level strong all day, so you can participate in every single fun thing you’ve been dreaming about doing since booking this vacation.

Don’t spend even one moment slaving away in the kitchen.

It’s your vacation too, after all.


You wake up and immediately open the sliding door that leads to your private balcony.


You look up to see the sky a bright blue and glowing with sun rays.

A gentle breeze.

A calm ocean.

You put the coffee pot on, and wait for the aroma to fill the kitchen.

You open your fridge to take out some banana bread, and lightly crisp it in the oven.

You bring the pot of coffee and banana bread outside on the patio, and start getting excited just thinking about the day ahead of you.

You pack a day bag with your snorkel gear, reminding yourself not to forget your ThinkZinc reef-safe sunscreen and Clove4Cover bug repellent. The sun will strong and the bugs will be relentless.


You grab some protein squares, trail mix, and a smoothie as snacks to have at the beach.

Once you get tired of saying things like...

"Look at that rainbow-colored fish with massive lips munching on coral!"

"Did you see that blue thing with a million tentacles hiding under the rock?"

"Was that little guy a crab or a shrimp?"

"Did I see an eagle ray or was I hallucinating?"

...You head back to your villa for some lunch.

You open your fridge and pull out all your vegan dishes to make a big spread of black bean burgers with honey-dijon dressing and a side of sauerkraut and roasted cashew dip.


For dessert, you serve up some sweet potato fudge and beet brownies (but you don't mention that they're made with veggies, cuz no one will even know).

After lunch, you relax for a while, then take a stroll on the beach to find a nice spot for a quiet dinner with front row seats to the sunset.

Once home, you pour yourself a refreshing hibiscus & ginger iced tea. You may or may not add some vodka.


Sitting on your porch, watching the stars, you quietly thank the universe for giving you six more days of this glory.


Option 1:

Order a few days before you arrive, and I'll have it ready to deliver as soon as you get here, or will pre-stock your villa.

Option 2:

Choose your favorite items to order today, and I'll let you know 1) what I have on hand, 2) what I can whip up in a jiff, and 3) what would take me a day or two to prepare.

Free delivery | Min. order $50 | Paypal accepted (add. charge of 6%)
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